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Industries Served

Metal Direct serves a wide variety of needs for the commercial construction industry, from standing seam roof systems for commercial construction projects, to structural bars or corrugated wall panels for agricultural and industrial construction. Our clients in the oil and gas industry rely on Metal Direct for complex spill containment systems. And for the transportation industry, we deliver custom-formed structural sheet metal and more.

Commercial Construction, Roofing, and Architectural MetalOil and Gas Systems
Roofing and Siding MaterialsSkidded Systems
Wall Panel SystemsSpill Containment
Standing Seam Roof SystemsStructural Fabrication
Transition FlashingHousing
Metal FramingMetal Sheathing
Structural Angles, Bar and PlateStructural Members – cut and formed
Panel ProfilesStructural Sheet Metal – custom formed
Warranty SystemsNoise Reduction Systems
Panel Profiles
Exposed Fastener Panels

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