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Metal Manufacturing and Supply

Full Service Supplier

Architectural Metals

We supply a variety of standard and custom metal roof and wall systems in the widest variety of colors and styles available.

Steel Fabrication

Custom steel fabrication is our sweet spot. We love working with customers to bring their unique project to life.

Steel Fasteners

We stock a large supply of fasteners, rivets, clips, & other accessories for nearly every job; including aluminum and steel.

We are here to answer your questions

Contact us for a risk-free, no-obligation quote on your project. 


Concealed Fastener

Mechanical Lock and Snap Seam systems are your calling if you are looking for a sleek and modern finish. These systems (while typically more expensive) provide more weathertightness with a flat, smooth look.

Exposed fastener

From 7/8” Corrugated to MD Tuff Rib; Metal Direct carries panels to fit every job that needs an exposed fastener panel finish. From decorative restaurant interiors to barns that can weather almost anything. Exposed fastener systems are typically less expensive and easier to install, making them a well rounded and standard panel system.


This is where we shine. Custom projects are fun and challenging, which is why you need the right company to showcase your project’s uniqueness. Tapered and perforated panels are just a couple of ways we can make your project stand out.

Why Choose Metal Direct?

We are a full-service manufacturing and supply company that seeks to provide the highest-quality materials while giving the best customer service in the industry. Metal Direct is a customer oriented business that is constantly looking for ways to exceed expectations. It’s our goal to make every interaction with our customers a pleasure, and it’s that attitude that keeps our customers happy. We empower our customers with the tools, resources and knowledge to simplify their operations. The result? Efficient, accurate, timely, and cost-saving production for our customers.